Trivia Tuesday!

Hello all! Heather here, bringing you the first installment of Trivia Tuesday. Kristin is such a good sport that she let me hi-jack the blog. So, just for fun, I have decided to ask a few questions about this date in time! I wonder how many of you can get these five questions right? Leave a comment with your answers. If you don’t know, Google it! Or make something up, be creative!
1. Which actress from my favorite TV show was born on this day in 1969?
2. How many shopping days are left until Christmas?
3. On this day in 1958, what priceless item was donated to the Smithsonian by Harry Winston?
4. Which Washington D.C. attraction first opened to the public on this date in 1982?
5. And what iconic TV show premiered on this day in 1969?

So don’t ever let me hear you say nothing good ever happened on November 10th! I look forward to reading all your answers and I will be back to post the correct ones tonight.
Thanks for playing!

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Happy Monday 11/09

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am so excited to have this opportunity to contribute to Kristin’s new blog and to bring you such awesome inspiration!!

So to top off your Monday, I’ve designed this template freebie just for you…

{image is linked} or you can click HERE to download

Here’s my page using Kristin’s Garden Party

Have a great week!


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Spin a Lift Sunday with Kristin’s girls!

Hi everyone! Vanessa here bringing you some inspiration and a challenge this week. I hope everyone is having an awesome DSD weekend.

We lifted Glynis (gracelikerain)

First page is by me, I lifted Ninja Moves

Next is by KayM she lifted Same Smile

next is by rainydays, she lifted Smile

Next is by Kjersti

Next by Jennifer, she lifted Enjoy Your Life

Please play along, pick a page, spin it, come back and post a link to your page & the link of the page you lifted. Kristin will be giving the winner a GC good for one kit to her shop. The winners will be announced at the end of the month.

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New Release – DSD style!

Kristin teamed up with Lliella Designs for this fabulous scoop!

Tiny Dancer

And some inspiration by the KCB Crew:

by Kiki

by Kay

by Laura

by Kjersti

by Tara

by Angel

by Rochelle

by Stéphanie

by Nikki

by Sasha

by Jennifer F

by Jennifer

and by me (Sonja)

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